Sunday, October 5, 2008

surprises. parades. and audiologists. what did you say?

Hi from Australia! It's been awhile, and so much has happened since my last post... I left Boston on September 15, traveled for more than 30 hours (5.5 hrs Bos to LA, 15 hrs LA to Syd, and another 5 or so Syd to Perth, plus layovers) and arrived in Perth on 17 September. Kindof cool how the dates flip when you fly around the world isn't it? It's almost as confusing as driving on the other side of the road, but you get used to it. With that said, today is 06/10/08, yep that's right, October 6, 2008...or should I say 6 October, 2008. To all of you at home, no, that isn't June that we're talking about...Aussies write the date out, day, month, year not month, day, year. D says its shortest to longest and though I balked at it at first, it really is quite sensible.

You've probably noticed that I didn't start out the knitting blog post with a picture of knitting. There will be plenty of knitting coming in the next couple of months, but for a while I'm also going to focus on my trip to Aus as little way of keeping in touch.
On the homefront, my sister just sent me a couple of great pics...

My Pepe was the Grand Marshall for the Firemen's Parade yesterday in my hometown. That's him looking all dapper in his uniform with my sister Beth on the left and my Aunt Ann Marie on the right. Hurray Pepe! (ps...Pepe is a shortened version of the French name for's pronountced Peh-Pay)

The second pic is of my little sister. She just recently became an for her birthday (October 3) I got her a sweatshirt that says "Instant Audiologist, just add coffee". It had her name written all over it (no, you don't have to zoom in, it doesn't literally have her name on it...but it fits her to a tee... er sweatshirt hehe). Sorry about the wordplay.

Coming of the first few weeks of the trip...a very important FO (for all you non-knitters, that means the sweater is done!)...and spiders...hey after all Halloween is coming soon, right?

wonderful = surprises. parades. and audiologists. what did you say?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Since I'm new to this I'll just try something short to see if it "takes".

Love, Aunt Jane

Anonymous said...

Yes, that worked, so here's some more.
I loved reading about your trip, and also about your knitting. Yes, I'm slowly working on the scarf!

"What did you say?" has special meaning for me as I lost hearing in one ear after returning by plane from Colorado over two weeks ago. I called on our resident family audiology for advice. Apparently your mom had the same thing happen after the flight home from their cruise this summer.

I'd love to hear about what you're doing and seeing! Greetings from us to Darren.

Love, Aunt Jane

Joanna said...

Hey you!
I'm so glad you decided to post finally. I am very jealous. Glad you are having such a great time being there and with Darren. Can't wait to see you. Chuck and KarenM say hello. BTW LOVE the sweater. As I non-knitter even I appreciate it!