Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31st. Christmas. Knitting.

It's October 31st. October 31st. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was thinking ohhh, I've got plenty of time to start all of the gifts I want to knit this year. Yes, I think I will make 5,675, 345 washcloths for all of my friends and family. Oh, and ALL of the kiddos in my life are getting mittens. That's right, all of the adults requested socks last year too (note to self, do not wear hand knit socks to Christmas parties from now on). I was thinking it might be nice to make an afghan for my parents too. And so on.

Oh dear, that WAS yesterday. And now it is October 31st. Almost November! Less than two months to Christmas. On the up side I only have 5,675,344 washcloths left to knit. Here is the one that is finished...

I love the's easy to do while listening to a podcast or watching don't even have to worry about looking at it - we're talking elementary lace, which is great for making a dishcloth/washcloth the perfect scrubby it's pretty. Downside, there is only one of them. Yep, one lonely washcloth. I finished a second one today but, I managed to spill hot cocoa on it right before I cast off, which means, I can't give it as a gift. Upside? I get to throw it in the washing machine and use it for myself! Now, I know that there are only a few more weeks til Christmas, but I am still insisting on doing as many handmade knitted items as possible. From reading other blogs, appears to me that many knitters do the same thing - we like giving our works of art as warms the soul...even if we don't go to bed until 5 am Christmas morning because we just haaavvvveee to finish this @#%* toe!!

Speaking of warming the is a pic of one of the socks that I was going to send to my bf's grandmother...note that it is already past her birthday...luckily he thinks she will understand - I hope so!!! I am about to frog it. Yep, that's right, I've completed the ankle pattern, knit the heel flap, turned the heel, and completed the gusset. I'm already an inch into the foot and I can't stand the sock. I have decided that the pattern I knit competes with the pattern of the yarn. I am going to frog it and just do a simple knit 8 or 9 and purl 2 combo...I did that for the top of the foot and I really like how it compliments the yarn. So how does that warm the soul you ask? Well, it means that in the end...even with all the frustration...I will have created something pretty and something that she can really cherish. I love that.

wonderful = october 31st. christmas. knitting. - jj

Monday, October 22, 2007

old buildings. great service. oh, and coziness, definitely coziness.

Hi Everybody!!!

Thank you, thank you Nikkianna! The LYS that I mentioned in my last post is The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH. It is gorgeous!!!! Off of Rte 9, halfway between Concord and Keene, NH, it is a one of those little gems tucked away, waiting to be discovered! It is in a beautiful old building, and is jam-packed with amazing yarns at reasonable prices and the women who helped me when I stopped in for the first time last month were sooo sweet...if you ever have a chance to stop by I highly recommend it! If you would like to turn your stop into a yarn crawl...I also recommend The Elegant Ewe on Main St in Concord. Amazing yarns there too (especially the sock yarn - ohh and the lace weight)...and the staff is wonderful as well (of course now that I mention it the staff is wonderful at all three of the stores I wanted to tell you about). Third stop on your crawl (or first, depending on where you are coming from) is The Knitting Knook on West St. in Keene, NH. It is a tiny, cozy little shop hidden in the upstairs of a building next to The Savings Bank of Walpole. What it lacks in size it makes up for in quality - quality of yarn, quality of service, and quality of coziness.

Well, I'm off to knit for a bit, and then head to bed... it's almost midnight... oops make that 12:01. If you get a chance to visit any of the above let me know :) Also, if you have traveled to any other yarn stores in the area...let me know that too - I'm always willing to visit more - It's getting on winter and my house is not insulated as well as I like...I've heard yarn makes great insulation :D Have a great night everybody! Talk to you soon. wonderful = old buildings. great service. oh, and coziness, definitely coziness. - jj

Saturday, October 13, 2007

cables. socks. australia. hidden yarn stores.

Hi everybody!!! I have missed you!!! My life has turned into utterly complete busy-ness lately! A couple of exciting knitting related things have happened to me recently - I have started a cabled baby sweater that I'm considering turning into a bag - those cabled bags really are hot this season! I have also started a new pair of socks (yes, just started - I think I have first sock syndrome let alone second s.s.) to send to my boyfriend's grandmother. Of course, these have to be finished by October 29...and yes it is October 13.
I also desperately need to take some photos of all these things. I have a procrastination problem with photos - I love to take them - it is the downloading and then the subsequent uploading that doesn't seem to happen anywhere near as fast as I'd like it to. I am inclined to believe however that the new gadget that I just purchased so that I can use usb 2 rather than usb 1 (aka the slooooooowest possible way to work with any kind of information) may help ten-fold in the process of photo downloads. I would cross my fingers and pray that it works, but I think I may have to forget the crossing of fingers and just pray as I have less than 10 days to finish these socks. Yep that's right, 10 days. They are flying to Australia, so I have to account for travel time as well. Yikes, eh?
Ok, I'm off to knit...I will catch up some more very soon, promise! PS - NH Knitting Mama - Have you ever been to the yarn store on Rte. 9 halfway between Concord and Keene???? It is amazing!!! I will look for the name of it...
wonderful = cables. socks. australia. hidden yarn stores. - jj