Friday, February 13, 2009

love. and squirrels.

What is love? Is it physical? emotional? a combination of the two? Is it a pleasant surprise or a helpful gesture? Is it faith? Whatever it is, it's official, I'm in love. Daz and I got engaged on January 3rd this year. I am taking the leap and moving to the other side of the world*. What does that mean you ask? It means I will be moving away from everything I have ever known to embrace something new and wonderful. I am sad to leave and I have butterflies. On the other side of the coin, I feel alive and I am happy. Thank God for that "coin". Happy Valentine's Day world.

*When I say this, I'm not kidding. I will literally be living within a few hundred km of the opposite side of the globe. There are days I feel like an astronaut because of the sheer distance I have to travel to get there; luckily the travelling will be relatively low to the ground (airplane instead of space shuttle) and there are significantly less g forces involved, but still!)

To give you a little visual perspective, it's summer in Western Australia right now. It's not summer here. Here are the pictures to prove it...
PS - Daz and my mother did a great job of encouraging the squirrels with lots of treats at Christmas time...feel free to count them. (4 in the picture and 1 down the embankment = a total of FIVE!)

The squirrels.

The back deck. Please note that I'm standing on around a foot of snow...this little path is not on the ground... (picture taken March 3, 2009)

The porch from a squirrel's perspective. Once again, the snow is deeper than pictured because I didn't shovel all the way to the boards. (picture taken March 3, 2009)

There are three porch steps and then one more step to actually get on the deck. As you can see, I only excavated two of them...sortof :) . It is a surreal feeling to shovel frozen water... (picture taken March 3, 2009)

wonderful = love. and squirrels.