Saturday, October 13, 2007

cables. socks. australia. hidden yarn stores.

Hi everybody!!! I have missed you!!! My life has turned into utterly complete busy-ness lately! A couple of exciting knitting related things have happened to me recently - I have started a cabled baby sweater that I'm considering turning into a bag - those cabled bags really are hot this season! I have also started a new pair of socks (yes, just started - I think I have first sock syndrome let alone second s.s.) to send to my boyfriend's grandmother. Of course, these have to be finished by October 29...and yes it is October 13.
I also desperately need to take some photos of all these things. I have a procrastination problem with photos - I love to take them - it is the downloading and then the subsequent uploading that doesn't seem to happen anywhere near as fast as I'd like it to. I am inclined to believe however that the new gadget that I just purchased so that I can use usb 2 rather than usb 1 (aka the slooooooowest possible way to work with any kind of information) may help ten-fold in the process of photo downloads. I would cross my fingers and pray that it works, but I think I may have to forget the crossing of fingers and just pray as I have less than 10 days to finish these socks. Yep that's right, 10 days. They are flying to Australia, so I have to account for travel time as well. Yikes, eh?
Ok, I'm off to knit...I will catch up some more very soon, promise! PS - NH Knitting Mama - Have you ever been to the yarn store on Rte. 9 halfway between Concord and Keene???? It is amazing!!! I will look for the name of it...
wonderful = cables. socks. australia. hidden yarn stores. - jj


NH Knitting Mama said...


As far as the yarn shop, I'm not sure. Big Daddy is a knitter, too, and we did a big yarn crawl one day... we went all over that area. Let me know which shop it was!

Nikkiana said...

Was it The Fiber Studio in Henniker? Or is there another that I don't know about.... Hmmm.