Monday, October 27, 2008

growling. foot stamping. technical difficulties.

Imagine the following scenario. D arrives home after a month away and says, "Right, time to get back into it." He goes into the office and turns on the computer, walks into the kitchen makes a Vegemite and tomahto sandwich (with margareen of course), walks back in and says to himself "click Internet Explorer, check e-mail...hmmm this is odd...why isn't it connecting? It connected before I left. Click connect. Click connect twice. Turn computer off and then on again and click connect again. Growl at keyboard. Pray for keyboard's safety in the imminent future. Growl at keyboard and pray at same time. Jump up and down in front of computer deliberately so it knows how frustrated you are. Stalk out of room, growl again, and then stalk back in again. Jenn and D call service provider. Between the two of them they talk to three different people and one machine for several hours over a period of two days, regarding how to fix this. Growl again. Meet with three different phone guys four times over the next week and a half, only to have them tell us that the service provider sold D broadband on the fringe of the area that broadband is available. They admit it's their fault; and then say in order to continue service you have to go buy a more expensive modem. Hehe, it's April Fool's day right? No? WHAT! Shake head in disbelief. Growl again and stamp foot for good measure.

Yep, that's right folks. We are in the middle of a love, hate relationship with the internet at the moment. For the sake of simplicity we will refer to this relationship as "Technical Difficulties". Luckily, the service provider does provide back-up dial-up in cases such as ours. Unfortunately this means that it takes approximately 3 point 2 days to access a website, let alone upload and save information, hence the reason there are no pictures in this post. Thanks for bearing with us, I should be back online with broadband in the next few days...hopefully before the 31st. Halloween is coming and I have a surprise post for that, keep your fingers crossed!

PS - I have to say for the record that it is our frustration with the situation which caused me to type such a longwinded account of our experience. The customer service reps for the service provider were extremely kind, as were the phone guys. The growling and foot stamping were in no way directed at them.

PPS - Hi Tiff! How's the new apartment??? Hope you are loving it!

wonderful = growling. foot stamping. technical difficulties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Can't wait for the pictures and the Halloween surprise! I am enjoying your blog.

Love, Mom

dave said...

Hi Jenn
Tell daz that Vegemite and tomato samwitches are wrong... no matter which continent you live on!
Good to see your back online and didnt have to harm any innocent computer keyboards to do it!
see ya in a week or so