Thursday, November 6, 2008

spiders. and modems. and broadband. oh. my.

Shhhhh, don't tell the modem. Broadband is working again. At least for the time being. We still have to get a new modem because the one we have right now is working as hard as it possibly can to sync, which means no wiggle room with the signal. Apparently modems like wiggle room.

Scary Spiders 2008 - Click at your own risk!

I know it is a little past halloween, but I decided to put up the surprise anyway. There is some definite eww factor here, which is why I have turned it into a seperate blog. If you don't like spiders, I highly suggest that you don't click on the link. If you don't mind spiders, click away.

While D and I were in the wheat belt a few weeks ago, I encountered some wildlife I had previously only seen in a zoo. Shingleback Lizards, Stink Bugs, and Thorny Devils (a reallllly prickly lizard) were all on the list. There were birds that I had only seen in cages before, and they were Gorgeous, and in some cases quite cheeky. In the past two months I have also seen some amazing plant life, some that doesn't grow anywhere else in the world. With that said, some of the most interesting of the flora and fauna of the area is the spider. They can be huge and some can be quite dangerous, even aggressive, depending which species it is. The following is link is to a picture journal of some of the spiders I saw while in the wheat belt. Enjoy!

wonderful = spiders. and modems. and broadband.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

We are enjoying reading your blog. We look forward to a new post.
Hi to Darren!

Love, Mom and Dad

Fyrewitch said...

It must be daunting to come to a new country with it's teeming loads of scary wildlife. It wasn't until I saw a Scottish guy to a skit about a gecko in his hotel room that he was terrified of that it occurred to me that people in colder climes don't have these little cuties wandering around. Good luck in WA!