Wednesday, October 15, 2008

hot water. sweaters. hard work. big rewards.

One chapter in the epic adventure is over.

After spending time in the coastal town of Kalbarri, we drove through a winding trail of wildflowers and spent a night in a convent. It had been turned into a bed and breakfast and while not fancy, it was adequate. We eventually made it to Perth, where we stayed with some of D's friends for the night. We spent the next morning in King's park and then travelled east to the Shire of Tammin on the Great Eastern Highway. Darren has spent the last several weeks working in the Shire of Kellerberrin next door, working on several bathrooms at an old Catholic boarding school that has been turned into another bed and breakfast type accomodation. The couple he has worked for have been absolutely lovely, they are wonderful people and quite Aussie! As for the chapter being over, we will be driving to Bunbury tomorrow to head back to the daily grind as they say. Rumor has it that we may even get to stop in a yarn store on the way through Perth! My fingers are firmly crossed. We also plan on stopping at IKEA, which should prove to be interesting. I just had my first IKEA trip in Massachusetts a few weeks before leaving for Aus and will therefore be able to do a comparison of the two. What an amazing store IKEA is! So many things to look at and so many decorating ideas come to mind...

Of course, what would a post be without pictures?

Ok, Americans...take a good look at this picture. Please note the location of the driver in the pickup. Now note his position on the road and the way the lines are painted. BTW (by the way) if you're in Aus it's not a pickup, its a ute.

Speaking of vehicles, how 'bout the cost of gas? $1.86 a liter not bad, huh? Well since a liter is roughly one quarter of a gallon, you are looking at around $7.56 a gallon. Oh and if you're fueling up I wouldn't suggest calling it'll get natural gas or propane instead of gasoline. It's petrol here.

Here is the beginning of a new scarf/shawl. Clapotis. If you're an internet Knitter I'm sure you are quite familiar with this pattern. I've chosen a fingering weight yarn instead of a worsted and am just doing straight rows until I run out of yarn, but other than that everything else is to pattern. The yarn is from NH Knitting Mama. The colourway is Purple Lilac (I love that because it is the NH state flower) and it is merino 2 ply, sock weight.

Last, because I like to save the best for last... THE CORDIAL SWEATER!!!!! Isn't the colourway gorgeous? It fits like a dream...big and roomy and comfy...and my new go to sweater! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for dying the yarn for me Amanda! BTW - I'm making a fire here. Quite domestic of me huh? The farm we are staying at has wood powered hot water. Working hard for something really makes it that much more enjoyable. (and not just with hot water and sweaters!)

wonderful = hot water. sweaters. hard work. big rewards.

P.S. - Hi Aunt Jane! I'm so glad you came to read the blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!! and your sweater looks good!!! Enjoy your time with D... I love reading your blog!

Tiff (BBW in case you need a memory jog)

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, Jen! I have been a bit out of sorts for quite a while now. Thank you for your message, and WOW! Your sweater came out beautiful! I am so pleased that you are pleased!

I have enjoyed reading about your trip.

Thanks for checking in with me. I'm thinking of you!