Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monkeys. Yard Sales. 57g of sock yarn. and Bears.

I woke up this morning, stretched, rolled-over, woke up again, stretched, got out of bed, and walked into my studio. What the? I rubbed my eyes, and look again.
Yes, I was not mistaken, there was a bear, in my knitting bowl, wearing my new Tofutsies socks on his paws!!
"Hi Jenn!" he exclaims, looking up, "I found your knitting, and I see that out of the 100g ball that you purchased you only used 43 g for these socks...will you make me a pair too???"

Yup, that's right! Even stranger than a talking stuffed animal (his name apparently, according to his tag, is Gilmore), THERE IS ENOUGH YARN LEFTOVER FOR ANOTHER PAIR OF SOCKS!!!! I made the socks to fit my size 7 foot, and the ankles are a little on the short side, but A WHOLE PAIR OF SOCKS! 57g left!!!! Cool, huh? :)

In other knitting news...I cast on for a pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie today :) My first pair! They have been so popular in blogland that I thought, "Why not?, I'm going for it!" I just finished the twisted rib at the top...and I'm ready for the lace...I think I might even do a pair in all twisted rib at some point...I love how it looks.
Best part about these socks? The are silk, nylon, and angora. And they are going to cost me $1.00 with yarn leftover!!! Why? Yard Sales are wonderful! I am recycling a sweater by taking it apart and balling it up.(Thanks Cheryl - the felting is coming I promise :) )

Even better??? There is a possibility that there will be enough yarn for a tank top too!!! (Though I may need to combine yarns...I'm not sure yet :) )
All in all...Good knitting weekend!!

wonderful = Monkeys. Yard Sales. 57g of sock yarn. and Bears. - jj


Meg said...

The bear is too cute :)

I think I'm the only one who hasn't made the Monkey Socks. Right now I have way too many knits in cue, it would be totally irrational to cast on for them. I'll live through you on this one!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Nope, Meg (previous poster)... I haven't made the monkey's either!

Nice blog - welcome to the webring! I think I have seen you on Ravelry - are you on there?