Saturday, July 21, 2007

etsy. Summers. The Lake. and. Acrylic.

My first item to ever be placed on etsy - I am sooo excited :) What is it you ask? And, why is it not KNITTING! Well, my second love is origami and I have been making these folded ribbon stars as package toppers / Christmas ornaments for years...I finally decided that I would do these as a jumping off item...with more to follow (I am still working on the itty bitty sweaters...I have shrunk them down a bit and changed the pattern, I will be revealing those hopefully within the next week). The new studio is almost completely set up so I decided to jump right in...feet first with my eyes closed as they say.
Ooohhh that makes me think of the lake - I used to looove going up to the lake as a kid. Picture this...11 yr old blonde girl in a ponytail and teeth too big for her head...the ONLY kid there with crochet hook and a ball of acrylic yarn...that's right, that was me, dry bathing suit, 85 degrees and sunny outside, sitting on a chair crocheting a blanket. :) Those were the days.
wonderful = etsy. Summers. The Lake. and. Acrylic. - jj

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