Friday, June 22, 2007

Sleep, tonight? Doubtful.

WHEEEEEEE! I got the Ravelry invite today!!! Woohooo! I was seriously starting to worry that I had typed in my e-mail wrong, or they had so many people that I would get in after they had stopped beta. I am so excited that I had to post to you guys first...I haven't even gone over to the site yet! I am making the anticipation Ok, I'm ready...I'll post later and tell you what happened...

Oh dear. I just thought of something. My entire stash, save a few skeins I am using for some afghan squares I'm making for Rebuilding Greensburg, is at the new house! It's an hour and fifteen minutes from me right now.

Ok, there are two ways I can look at this right now. I can be very sad that I can't go wild and crazy entering my entire stash into the computer right now...or I can be thankful that I can't enter my entire stash into the computer, right now, one half hour short of midnight. This means that there is a slight possibility that I will actually get some sleep tonight. Doubtful. But I might. - jj

Here's the scoop....well worth the wait!!! I took a peek around and I can't wait to start adding my wips and stash...if you haven't received your invite yet don't is coming! If you haven't signed up...go, go, go!


Meg said...

Love the new look of the blog, btw :)

I can't wait for my invite! Oh my gosh, I hope you enjoy all of your Raverly time!

Suzeq22knits said...

Welcome to the club!