Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Studio! A Real Studio!

I have been renting the basement of my parent's house for the past few around here are super expensive for a single person. Well, they have finally decided to sell their house after 23 years...I was almost four when we moved in. Until the building permit goes through on the new house (it is in a small town and it could be a year or more) they will be renting a house about an hour and fifteen minutes away from our current house. They are very kindly allowing me to share the rent and use a few rooms while I finish my bachelor's (I've got almost two years in classes, I might as well finish - then I might be able to afford rent or buy my own place!!!!). Soooo, the new house lease has been signed, and the old one is closing in mid-July. What does this mean? I have started to move! Two loads have been brought over already and since my job ends Wednesday...several more will be brought over in the next week.

I got to see the inside of the house for the first time yesterday. They are allowing me to use two of the five "bedrooms" and we will share the living room, and kitchen. Sidenote: Hurray for separate bathrooms!

One of the two rooms that they are allowing me to use will be a REAL STUDIO!!! My current one is a glorified closet. I can't wait!!! It has three beautiful almost floor to ceiling windows...the current one has zero. It has gorgeous wide panel wood floors...the current floor is concrete. All of the fixtures and design elements in the room, except for the windows are OLD - but they have soooo much personality. Did I mention I can't wait??? Oooh guess what...I have pics!!!

wonderful = A Studio! A Real Studio! - jj

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