Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spring. Cotton. Tank top. - Love it.

Tank 5/8/07
Originally uploaded by rhymeswithsocks.
Q: What do you call a tank top with eighteen identical cables in a row, that just insists on turn up at the bottom? A: A nightmare. After frogging the nightmare and replacing it with a garter stitch hemline transitioning to a plain stockinette pattern with two simple cables (one in center front, one in center back - see pic), I am finally happy with this tank top. (click on the pic for the frogged version as well as the original design swatch) Don't get me wrong...I love lots of cables and I love the tank top I designed originally. In my head. On the needles, not so much. I am much happier with the new design. As they say... simple = wonderful. wonderful = spring. cotton. tank top. - love it. - jj

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