Tuesday, May 15, 2007

iPods. Headphones. Walkmans. Mitres.

Since I purchased my iPod a few months ago, I have been secretly wishing for the greatest iPod case in the world to knock on my front door and say, "Hello! I am here to keep your iPod safe and happy and warm and to look quite stylish in your knitting bag."

Everytime I walked into a store that seemed to be of the type that might sell such a bag I would look in every possible section...hoping that "it" would just appear, with a bright orange 80% off clearance tag, screaming "Buy Me! Take me home!" No luck. I even considered *gasp* paying full price if the perfect case came along. Still no luck.

At the same time, I was having a lot of trouble with those little ear bud things (you know the little speakers you stick in your ear). Apparently my ears are too small, and if, while wearing them, I attempt to do a silly thing like, say, turn my head, they fall out. I decided to go out and purchase a normal set of headphones.

"Oh no!" you say, "Now you're never going to be able to find a suitable case for your iPod! Headphones were not intended to go with iPods! They were made for things like, um, well, Walkmans. Jennifer, you're dating yourself."

Oh, dear reader, do not dispair!!! I have solved the dilemma!...with mitres!

"Mitres? Solving an electronics transportation device problem with mitres? Oh dear, she has been knitting too long! All of those ssks have turned her brain to mush! The kitchener stitch has taken over her thought processes!"

Don't worry. :) While the kitchener stitch does hold a dear place in my mind, it has not taken over yet. I promise. In fact, mitres were the perfect solution. I cast-on thirty eight and then created a mitred square out of this cheap acrylic that has been sitting in one of my stash boxes for years (I really like the color - celery). With the size square I obtained from this experiment, I determined that I would need ten squares (four for each side and two for a cute little flap). This allows plenty of room for both the iPod and its new headphones. At the moment I have eight squares finished. Two more, then a seam (and maybe a button). Ta-da, the perfect iPod bag for a woman with smallish ears.
wonderful = iPods. Headphones. Walkmans. Mitres. - jj

PS - for some amazing mitre inspiration check out Wendy Knits and january one

PPS - Thank you Marly from Yarn Thing for showing me how to put up buttons...and, to everyone reading this, check out her podcast - it will make you want to buy an iPod and knit (or crochet) a bag for it while you listen, and then buy some wool to crochet and felt a bag to put your new iPod case in.


Yarn Thing said...

You are so funny!

Love the idea of a miter holder for the iPod.

Can you believe I don't even have an iPod? Need to get one of those...need to make some money doing the blog and podcast thing...then I can get an iPod :-)


Yarn Thing said...

Dude, You've been tagged!