Monday, April 28, 2008

warp. weft. weave.

Well, apparently it has been a month since I sat down to write. A whole month. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I have found that part of the reason I'm not writing more often is I have been telling myself that a photo in every post is necessary prior to posting. From now on, I will write the post and then add a pic later if the mood strikes me...that means more content and less procrastinating (I hope :) ).

My fiber project du jour is....tablet weaving. I have always wanted to make and sell purses, but haven't been able to create a design I really like. In other words, would carry myself. It is really important to me to looooove what I'm creating, and I feel that's a great way to show it. I had experimented a bit with tablet weaving in high school, but had long since abandoned it for other pursuits. I had recently been thinking about how I could create the straps for my bags and voila! What better strap could there be than one woven out of 36 strands or more of yarn! Talk about strength! My father put together a freestanding loom last night for me to create the tension...tying the warp threads around my waist was killing my back. At the moment I have quite a pile of warp threads ready to be threaded onto cards, and soon I will be weaving! Can't wait to show you the results!

Hope everyone is doing well - more to come...
wonderful = warp. weft. weave. - jj

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Glad to hear that things are well and you're just involved in crafty endeavors!