Friday, March 21, 2008

waterfalls. cameras. socks

I've decided my bf doesn't like knitting. It is a little depressing. Ok, it's a lot depressing.

I was hoping it would be a happily ever after, he will love to watch me knit, hear about my knitting, want to learn how to knit, knit his own items, lovingly wear the gorgeous handmade socks I made him, and totally understand why our house is insulated with yarn. Um, no. He doesn't really watch me knit, in fact doesn't seem to notice that I am managing to wrestle a porcupine and produce fabric from it. He tunes out the knitting talk, only occasionally noticing that I have somehow managed to change the subject from world politics to merino, or cricket to alpaca. He refuses to learn how to knit, saying (and I quote) "I already know how to knit, I just haven't done it before". I am afraid that he will not be knitting his own items anytime soon and absolutely refuses to wear handmade socks on the grounds that he wouldn't want to hurt them and would prob want to frame them instead (that was a stab to the heart I have to say!). To really clinch the deal, he says, "Well it is 36-40 degrees C outside most of them time where we will live so we don't need insulation!" Alas, my poor heart! My bf doesn't appreciate wool!

Now, there is a happy ending to all of this, and I still feel that I could easily marry and be very happy with this man despite his apparent dislike of all things fiber. The main reason for this is that he is a Photographer. With a capital P. He is intensely interested in all things camera, just as I am interested in all things fiber. We have - ta-dah - found common ground here. During our recent trip, while hiking, we discovered quite quickly in fact, that while he was out running off the track to take amazing photos of all things nature (he really is quite good) I could take my low resolution snapshots, and then quite contentedly, hang out working a few rounds on a sock. Brilliant! I had quite a few comments from fellow hikers that ran the lines of "is the rainforest so boring that you have to bring your knitting?" and my quick response was to say, no I can look at the rainforest, knit at the same time, and yes I have been in this one spot for a while"...calmly pointing at my bf (I will call him D from now on) who happened to be about 5 metres off the track taking pictures like they were going out of style. "Ohhhhhh a photographer" they would say, once more admiring the socks, then admiring his camera and then heading on their way.

In this manner I managed to finish just one pair of socks during the trip (they were only worked a few rounds at a time and I have to admit that the rainforest was quite beautiful and yes I did spend quite a bit of time enjoying it on its own). The socks have been given to D's grandmother who declared them a perfect fit and who can really enjoy them, given that she is a crocheter herself.

That said, here is one of the many "socks pics" I took during the trip (a la Stephanie). There are many cool pics to come over the next few weeks...stay tuned!

I believe this is Dangar Falls in NSW (but don't quote me yet), I will double check and get back to you... (Isn't it gorgeous...the whole country is like this!!!!! Just breathtaking...

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NH Knitting Mama said...

I think I am pure knitter - in your pic, I instantly checked out the sock before the waterfall! ha ha... So, I guess you can say this pic has something for everyone!