Tuesday, June 3, 2008

love. hats. family. and yarn. lots of yarn.

Currently Unpacking.

On the upside, I have the best significant other in the entire world. Long story short, he is in Australia, I am in the US. It's difficult to be so far away. Very difficult.

On the upside, He was able to come here last September for three weeks and I was able to go there for the month of February. There are also plans in the works for more international/intercontinental travelling in the coming months, and possibly more (fingers are firmly crossed...except when knitting...then it's needles crossed ;) ).

The trip to Aus was hands down the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life. When I arrived home I gave my dad the "Aussie" cowboy hat that D had purchased for him (he got one for himself as well and oh my...) as a souvenir. He Loved it. Apparently, so did both of my grandfathers. I mentioned it to D and he went out and got two more and just recently shipped them to me, so that all four of them could have matching hats. They were tickled pink....


I mean,

ruggedly enthused???

While we were in the middle of the move this past week, we made a point to get a pic of the three of them (my dad, and both grandfathers) to send to D. I thought I would share them here as well... aren't they dashing?

Now, all I have to do is convince D to let me post a pic of him with His hat on...

Oh, and in knitting related things...here is my newest adventure...it will probably be a pillow soon... "Ummm, Jenn, there isn't a pillow in that picture", you say, with one eyebrow raised inquisitively...? Stay tuned. :)

wonderful = love. hats. family. and yarn. lots of yarn.


meg said...

Glad that you're in and settling! Unpacking is such a chore, but try to look at it as bonding time with your new pad!

The trip to Australia sounds AMAZING! So cool - I have been dreaming of going there since I was a little girl!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hello hello! So happy to see you're back! Your yarn is ready - I'll email you a pic tonight and we can pick a time to get together to do the exchange of our goodies!

wrchili said...

Hello :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! A trip to Austrailia sounds exciting, but it must be very hard to be so far away from someone you love. I can't wait to see how that picture turns into a pillow. It looks like a very creative endeavor. Thanks for the suggestion of putting envelopes in my notebook for my wee tiny socks. That's a great idea!