Wednesday, November 28, 2007

snow. mittens. and so-called scarves.

Hi everyone! Well, it has happened. The snow that is. Yes, it was only enough to make the ground white and only slippery enough for my car to end up facing the wrong way in the wrong lane (thank goodness it was in the parking lot and not on the road!!!) on the way to work the other morning, but it is here.

So - in honor of the cold weather I've been doing a little knitting to keep myself warm. I'm still working on dishcloths and only have a couple more pair of children's mittens to I felt good about doing something to keep my own hands warm :) First, I have had six balls of Australian alpaca sitting in my studio - screaming that they wanted to be mittens -. I needed them to be extra thick, extra warm soooo....I googled chunky weight mittens (The yarn is 8 ply - dk weight), I held one strand of grey and one strand of burgundy together and ta-dah! new mittens.

I have been wearing them every day and I love them! Only problem, though my hands are cozy, my neck is always cold! So, even though I had sworn off scarf knitting about two years ago, I decided that it was high time I got a warm neck! I began surfing immediately , determined to find the perfect scarf! I settled on "My So-Called Scarf" because the pattern was something completely different to me - you know - one of those things that you see on people on the street and go up to them to have a chat to see if they might possibly be able to help you figure out how their garment was made. It is pretty slow going as each stitch takes almost twice as much time as a regular stitch, but the pattern is completely worth it! Check it out, I started it yesterday and am about a foot into is made out of two strands of light worsted held together in a dark plum and a color that is halfway through tan and grey. PS - note to Bells - I had the link to the dishcloth pattern saved in my favorites and now I can't find it! I'm going to do a little searching and put it in my next post - I don't want to just type it out without the permission of the designer - Thanks :) - Jenn

wonderful = snow. mittens. and so-called scarves.


Alice said...

Lovely mittens! They look so warm and cozy :) Your scarf is really coming along nicely. I finished one of those recently and I was so tired of that stitch pattern by the end...

NH Knitting Mama said...

Um, those mittens are awesome, and I need a pair! I'm jealous!

Nice to see an update from you, hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn. Love your mittens. Mom